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Leading The Next Generation Of Eyewear

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We adapted our proprietary fast-switching liquid crystal film technology, Wicue CCS, for automotive glass window into easy, fashionable everyday lifestyle eyewear.

From now on, driving on your road trips will not only be safer, but more visually pleasant. With Crystal Clear Switching (CCS) lens, you protect your eyes through healthier and adjustable natural light in all outdoor activities: running, hiking, biking, fishing and golfing. Vacationing has never been this enoyable!

We're excited and proud to bring you Wicue 0.1 seconds instant dimming sunglasses - an innovative product that enables you to touch, control, and enjoy optimal light, while providing a fashionable look.

What is Wicue CCS technology?

Wicue CCS is the acronym for Wicue Crystal Clear Switching, an innovative flexible liquid crystal film stepless dimming technology independently developed by Wicue. This technology allows for a 0.5%–70% transmittance and under-0.1-second instant response. It provides an excellent view for automotive glass, building glass windows, sunglasses, and many other products. UV resistance up to 99.9% brings excellent heat insulation and shading, fully addressing the pain point of strong sunlight exposure in summer.

Truly efficient light management

Compared with legacy photochromic "transition" style sunglasses on the market, Wicue CCS technology allows sunglasses to change tint in less than 0.1 seconds, providing the unique experience of manual light control. For drivers, when entering and exiting garages or tunnels where the light changes instantaneously, it usually takes a few seconds for legacy traditional sunglasses to respond. Wicue sunglasses provide a safer visual experience because of their ultra-fast switching. For users who enjoy outdoor activities or sport lovers, Wicue sunglasses spare them the trouble of bringing mutiple lenses and provide crystal clear vision.

The transmittance of glasses is controlled by voltage changes, which also makes Wicue sunglasses independent of UV sensing which can confuse older "transition" type photochromic sunglasses. Consumers can actively select the most comfortable and suitable brightness in any weather condition, which delivers a truly efficient "visible light management".

Full light control, with one pair of shades

From the dark ages to the glistening city life of the present, the course of human evolution has been accompanied by various ways of making use of, or sheltering from, the light of the sun.

Our Path

Founding of Wicue, as the light GURU dedicated to providing a high-tech wearable experience for people.