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Drift 3039 Slide-to-dimDrift 3039 Slide-to-dim
Drift 3039 Slide-to-dim
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Flash 1901 Auto-dimmingFlash 1901 Auto-dimming
Flash 1901 Auto-dimming
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Drift 3001 Bluetooth audio auto-dimmingDrift 3001 Instant Dimming Sunglasses - Wicue Official Store
Drift 3001 Bluetooth audio auto-dimming
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Cool people wear sunglasses

Based on the successful application of flexible liquid crystal film in the fields of Dusk-free Blackboard , Automotive Glass Window, Architectural Window, etc.,
Wicue Japan Lab, a team of highly specialized scientists, combined with the patented Wicue CCS+ technology,
developed the instant color-changing glasses - Chamelo, which is inspired by nature's master of color, the chameleon.

We hope that Chamelo can possess the color-changing capabilities similar to those of a chameleon, offering a wide range of color variations.
People can change their moods by altering the lens colors, and our goal is to bring happiness to users through these sunglasses.

The Chamelo brand aspires to convey joy through the magic of color-changing.
Wearing Chamelo means wearing happiness on your face.

0.1 seconds instant dimming

Based on the innovative Wicue CCS technology, switching shade is faster than any previous solution you’ve ever seen

Take full control of the brightness level

Multiple dimming control options allows you to manage the light the way you want: Slide-to-dim, Auto-dimming, Button control

Easy-to-use design with high-quality materials

Choose your perfect fit